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OPSS High Risk List

Have the OPSS High-Risk Supplement List at your fingertips to help you identify supplements that might pose a risk to your health or career. Not all supplements on the list are prohibited, but all pose potential health risks. In addition, the list is not exhaustive; many unsafe products are not on this list.

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OPSS Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

OPSS has partnered with the Therapeutic Research Center to provide the OPSS/NMCD for Warfighters app. Get evidence-based information and ratings on dietary supplements, herbal products, vitamins, minerals, and more. This user-friendly database is free to all DoD personnel with a “.mil” email address.

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NSF Certified for Sport

NSF’s Certified for Sport® app helps you find supplements that have been tested for substances banned in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Products that are Certified for Sport® have been tested for quality and have been certified that the contents shown on the label are actually in the product.