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Public Health Alert

Vaping is a popular alternative to cigarettes

What’s in your vapor?!

  1. Can be life Threatening
  2. Can be illegal (UCMJ action)

What are vaping additives?

Liquids or oils added to the vaping mixture; some violate the Substance Abuse Act, such as Cannabidiol/Cannabidilo (CBD) derivatives or THC/Hemp products. Examples: Black Magic, White Knight, Black Diamond, YOLO, XXX.

Using CBD or similar products may cause: seizures, unconsciousness, vehicle accidents, hospitalizations, or death.

Don’t let ignorance or misinformation lead to injury or UCMJ trouble.

Cannabidiol edibles include: “Keep Calm and Puff Puff,” “Caring-Pet,” cookies, “Cheeba Chews,” and various beverages.

What can I do?

  • Know what you are consuming
  • Check labels before purchase
  • Be informed

Want more info? DoD Operation Supplement Safety website: https://www.opss.org

Public Health Alert.