Screen your supplement for safety. Read the label on your supplement and answer these questions

Is any one of these third-party certification seals on the product label?Approved Brands

Are there less than six ingredients on the Supplement Facts label?

Is the label free of the words proprietary, blend, matrix, or complex?

Can you easily pronounce the name of each ingredient on the Supplement Facts label?

Is the amount of caffeine listed on the label 200 mg or less per serving? (If caffeine is not listed, mark “Yes”)

Is the label free of questionable claims or statements?

Are all the % Daily Values (% DV) on the Supplement Facts label less than 200%? (If % DV is not listed, mark “No”)

If you still want to consider the supplement and get more information about it, send us a question through our Ask the Expert feature. If you have a .mil address, you also can use Natural Medicines.

You also can download a PDF of this scorecard.