OPSS regularly receives questions about whether dietary supplements—especially those used for bodybuilding, testosterone boosting, and weight loss—could produce a positive result on a military drug test.

Military drug testing consists of a urine drug screen, sometimes followed by additional tests depending on the outcome of the screen. You can get extensive information about DoD’s drug policy and drug testing from the Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP). For answers about the potential effects of specific dietary supplements on drug screening tests, you can contact your service’s military drug-testing laboratory by phone or email (see below).

Service Members should carefully read the label of any product they are considering to see if it contains ingredients on the OPSS list of DoD-prohibited substances. However, without laboratory testing, there is no way to know whether a dietary supplement product contains undeclared ingredients—that is, controlled substances or drugs not listed on the product label. You can get more information about “hidden” ingredients from FDA’s Tainted Products lists (see links on the OPSS home page).

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Updated 12 January 2022